Annis Clark (Newcomb)

Born: ca 1783 in Pawlet VT (Rutland)

Died: March 15, 1837 in Augusta, NY


Married: in 1802 to Ephphatha Newcomb

Children: Lucy Newcomb, Daniel Newcomb, Lewis Newcomb, Ephphatha Newcomb, Luther Newcomb

                                           |-John Clark
                             Samuel Clark  |
                           |               |-Agnes Adams
     Ebenezer Clark        |
    |                      |                   
    |                      |-Margaret Paul
    |--Annis Clark (Newcomb)
    |                                      |Jeremiah Meacham
    |                      |James Meacham  |
    |                      |               |-Rebecca Hawkins
    |Annis Meacham (Clark) |
                           |               |David Rugg  
                           |Lucy Rugg      |

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