Alice Russell (Newcomb)

Born: December 15, 1848, Woodstock, IL

Died: July 4, 1887

Sibling(s): Thomas Lester Russell, Anna Burton Russell (Hyde), Charles Richard Russell

Married: August 24, 1869 to Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb in Woodstock, IL

Children: Charles Russell Newcomb, Daniel Edgar Newcomb, McCoy Newcomb, Alice Newcomb (Burnham), Clive Newcomb, Anna Newcomb (Curtis) [Nan], Mary Newcomb, Kate Newcomb

                                                     Thomas Russell
                              John Hancock Russell |
                            |                      |Mary Patterson
      Charles Hazen Russell |
    |                       |                       Enos Wood 
    |                       |Anna Wood             |       
    |                                              |Asenath Hazen
    |--Alice Russell
    |                                               Steven Truesdell
    |                         George W. Truesdell  |
    |                       |                      |Catherine Storm
    | Mary C. Truesdell     |           
                            |Mariettet Clark Simpson

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