Charles Hazen Russell

Born: July 1808, Malone, N.Y.

Died: October 11, 1874 in Woodstock, Ill.


Married: (first) 1845 Mary Clark Truesdell in Woodstock, Ill.

Children: Alice Russell (Newcomb)>, Thomas Lester Russell, Anna Burton Russell (Hyde), Charles Richard Russell

                                                     Samuel Russell
                             Dr. Thomas Russell    |
                            |                      |Dorothy Smithson
      John Hancock Russell  |
    |                       |                       John Patterson 
    |                       |Mary Patterson        |
    |                                              |Mary Curtis
    |--Charles Hazen Russell 
    |                                               John Wood
    |                        Enos Wood             | 
    |                       |                      |Harriet Richardson
    |Anna Wood              |           
                            |                       Joseph Hazen 
                            |Asenath Hazen         |
                                                   |Elizabeth Durkee   

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