Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb

Born: July 24, 1844, Richmond, IL

Died: February 15, 1919, La Jara, CO

Sibling(s): Emily Newcomb, George Albert Newcomb, Silas Edgar Newcomb, Louie Emeline Newcomb, Leverett Safford Newcomb, Frederick Gegrake Newcomb

Married: (first) August 24, 1869 to Alice Russell in Woodstock, IL (second) Marie Gaffney

Children: (by Alice) Charles Russell Newcomb, Daniel Edgar Newcomb, McCoy Newcomb, Alice Newcomb (Burnham), Clive Newcomb, Anna Newcomb (Curtis) [Nan], Mary Newcomb, Kate Newcomb,(by Marie) Eleanor Newcomb, James Newcomb

                                            Daniel Newcomb
                        Ephphatha Newcomb |
                      |                   | Irene Field
      Daniel  Newcomb |
    |                 |                   |Ebenezer Clark
    |                 |Annis Clark        |
    |                                     |Annis Meacham
    |--Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb
    |                 |-Rufus Thomas
    |                 |                       
    | Mary Ann Thomas |
                      |                   |John Ford
                      |Polly Ford         |
                                          |Lucy Harris

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