Ephphatha Newcomb

Born: August 12, 1778, Leyden (Bernardson), MA

Died: January 19, 1813, Augusta, NY

Sibling(s): Luther Newcomb, Jerusha Newcomb (Hunt), Irene Newcomb, Daniel Newcomb Lucinda Newcomb(Wood), Aurelia Newcomb (Beebe), Tirzah Newcomb, Irene Newcomb (Simeon)

Married: about 1802 to Annis Clark

Children: Lucy Newcomb, Daniel Newcomb, Lewis Newcomb, Ephphatha Newcomb, Luther Newcomb

                                         Hezekiah Newcomb
                          Silas Newcomb|
                        |              | Jerusa Bradford
      Lt Daniel Newcomb |
    |                   |              |-James Pineo
    |                   | Submit Pineo |
    |                                  |Dorothy Babcock
    |--Ephphatha Newcomb
    |                                   Ebenezer Field                  
    |                    Aaron Field   |
    |                   |              |Elizabeth Arms        
    | Irene Field       |
                        |               Nathaniel Frary         
                        |Eunice Frary  |
                                       |-Mehetebei Dickenson    

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