Helen [Merrill] Merrill Everett (Manke)

Born: February 7, 1950 in Manila, Philippines

Died: in Carmel, CA

Sibling(s): Norris [Skip] Newcomb Everett, Bruce Everett

Married: Christopher [Chris] Manke

Children: Jessica Manke, Scott Manke

    |-Norris N. Everett
    |--Helen [Merrill] Merrill Everett (Manke)
    |                                                         Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb
    |                            Daniel Edgar Newcomb       |
    |                          |                            | Alice Russell
    | Helen May Newcomb        |
                               |                              Chauncey Soper Aldrich
                               | Effie Merrill Aldrich      |
                                                            | Euphemia Dixon Van Buskirk

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