Hezekiah Newcomb

Born: 1693(4), Edgartown, Island of Martha's Vinyard, MA

Died: August 15, 1772 at Lebanon, CN

Sibling(s): John Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb, Obadiah Newcomb, Deborah Newcomb (Hatch), Sarah Newcomb (Nye), Benjamin Newcomb, Elizabeth Newcomb (Wright), Simon Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb

Married: (first) November 14, 1716 to Jerusha Bradford (second) Hannah

Children: Silas Newcomb, Peter Newcomb, Anne Newcomb (Smith), Hezekiah Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb, Jerusha Newcomb (Cleveland), Elizabeth Newcomb (Barstow), Samuel Newcomb, Jemima Newcomb (Lamb) (Kinney), James Newcomb

                                           Capt. Andrew Newcomb
                        Lt Andrew Newcomb|
                      |                  |-
      Simon Newcomb   |
    |                 |                 
    |                 |-Sarah
    |--Hezekiah Newcomb   

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