John Absolom Kemper

Born: February 16, 1869 New Bloomfield, MO

Died: November 18, 1947 St. Louis, MO

Sibling(s): Carrie Kemper, Hallie Kemper, Alex Kemper, Effie Kemper, Nathan Kemper, Eighty [Aite] Kemper (Chriswell), Virginia Kemper (Robbings), Homer Thomas Kemper, Owen Kemper

Married: August 25, 1903 to Annie Laura Norris (Kemper)

Children: Kenneth Norris Kemper, Howard Gillman Kemper

                                                                   Benjamin I. Kemper
                                         Absolom Abraham Kemper   |
                                        |                         |Sally Adams        
     James Thomas Kemper                |
    |                                   |                              	   
    |                                   |Sophia Wainscott
    |--John Absolom Kemper
    |                                                              John Goff I 
    |                                    John Goff II             |
    |					|                         |Sabina Holly
    |Virginia [Jennie] B.Goff (Kemper)  |
                                        |Mary Catherine Reynolds


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