James Webster Barr

Born: May 29, 1955 in Denver, CO


Sibling(s): Barbara Jeanne Barr (Deacon)

Married: August 17, 1980 to Deborah Sue Webster, Divorced Jan 1988

Children: Lynette Candy Barr, Joe Barr, Julie Sue Barr

                                         |-Francis Barr
     Jere Webster Barr                   |
    |                                    |                            
    |                                    |-Marie (Barr)
    |--James Webster Barr
    |                                                            Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb
    |                                     Daniel Edgar Newcomb |
    |                                    |                     | Alice Russell
    |Effie Margaret[Peggy] Newcomb (Barr)|
                                         |                       Chauncey Soper Aldrich
                                         |Effie Merrill Aldrich|
                                                               | Euphemia Dixon Van Buskirk

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