Kenneth N. Kemper

Born: April 1, 1906 Kansas City, MO

Died: September 1, 1996 in Sun City, AZ

Sibling(s): Howard Gillman Kemper

Married: Ruth Alice Newcomb (Kemper) in Castle Rock, CO May 5, 1926

Children: John Aldrich [Jack] Kemper, Don Edgar Kemper, Richard Eugene Kemper, Gerald [Jerry] Kemper

                                                                    Absolom Abraham Kemper 
                                 James Thomas Kemper               |
                                |                                  |Sophia Wainscott
     John Absolom Kemper        |
    |                           |                              	    John Goff II
    |                           |Virginia [Jennie] B. Goff [Kemper]|
    |								   |Mary Catherine Reynolds
    |--Kenneth N. Kemper
    |                                                               Hosea Norris    
    |                            Joseph P. Norris                  |
    |                           |                                  |Mary Pettigrew
    |Annie Laura Norris (Kemper)|
                                |Phoebe Adelia Guest

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