Mildred Gertrude Stuber (Newcomb)

Born: November 29, 1911, Tremont, IL


Sibling(s): Evelyn Verna Stuber (O'Toole), Carl Edward Stuber, Junior Wellington Stuber, Gloria Ruth Stuber (Wilson), Norma Verna Stuber (Boutwell)

Married: July 17, 1917 to Edgar Ephphatha Newcomb in Monte Vista, CO

Children: Geoffrey [Jeff] Edgar Newcomb, Carol Ann Newcomb (Morton)

                               |- Daniel Stuber
     Walter Charles Stuber     |
    |                          |                            
    |                          |- Lena Walters
    |--Mildred Gertrude Stuber (Newcomb)
    |                          |- Jacob Riggenbach
    |                          |                            
    |Emilia Lena Riggenbach    |
                               |- Kathleen Sauder

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