Stephen Aldrich

Born: August 4, 1747 at Smithfield, RI

Died: ?

Sibling(s): Percilla Aldrich and 11 others

Married: (1st) Kershial King on May 27, 1767, and (2nd) to Jerusha Bartlet

Children: (from 1st marriage) Weston Aldrich, Lois Aldrich, Roby Aldrich, Isaac Aldrich, George Aldrich, Lydia Aldrich, Sylanus Aldrich and Abel Aldrich, (from 2nd marriage) Stephen Aldrich, Noah Aldrich, Almon Aldrich, and Laban Aldrich

                                                     Samuel Aldrich           
                              Peter Aldrich         | 
                             |                      |-Jane Peiffer
      Sylvanus Aldrich       |
    |                        |                      |-Henry Kiney (King)             
    |                        |-Pricilia Kiney (King)| 
    |                                               |-Percilla Lewis
    |--Stephen Aldrich
    |Dorothy Smith                                 

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