Sylvanus Aldrich

Born: April 21, 1722 in Providence, RI

Died: July 6, 1773 in Smithfield, RI

Sibling(s): Samuel, Peter, Jean (Stearne), Esther (Waterman, Jane, Pricilla (Percilla)

Married: on March 8, 1746 Dorothy Smith in Scituate, RI

Children: Steven Aldrich, Percilla Aldrich and 11 others

                                                     Joseph Aldrich
                                Samuel Aldrich      |         
                               |                    |-Patience Osbourne
     Peter Aldrich             |                                                      
    |                          |                    |-James Peiffer
    |                          |-Jane Peiffer-------|
    |                                               |-Mary Sadder  
    |--Sylvanus Aldrich
    |                          |-Henry Kiney (King)
    |                          |                        
    |-Pricilia Kiney (King)----|                             
                               |-Percilla Lewis

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