Simon Newcomb

Born: about 1665, Kittery, (York County), ME

Died: January 20, 1744(5)at Lebanon, CN

Sibling(s): Simeon Newcomb, Andrew Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb, Sarah Newcomb (Conant)(Eldredge), Mary [Mercy] Newcomb (Lumbert), Peter Newcomb, Anna Newcomb (Mayhew),Elizabeth Newcomb (Atkins), Joseph Newcomb, Emlen [Emerline] Newcomb (Atkins), Tabitha Newcomb (Ray), Hannah Newcomb (Dumary), Zerviah Newcomb (Bearse), Mary Newcomb (Pease)

Married: about 1687 to Deborah at Edgartown, MA

Children: John Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb, Hezekiah Newcomb, Obadiah Newcomb , Deborah Newcomb (Hatch), Sarah Newcomb (Nye), Benjamin Newcomb, Elizabeth Newcomb (Wright), Simon Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb

                           Capt. Andrew Newcomb
      Lt Andrew Newcomb  |
    |                    |                 
    |                    |-
    |--Simon Newcomb   

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