Maj. William Bradford

Born: June 17, 1624 Plymouth,MA

Died: February 20, 1703/1704 Plymouth, MA

Sibling(s): John Bradford, Mercy Bradford, Joseph Bradford

Married: (first)Ann Richards, (second) Mary Fitch, (third) Mary Atwood

Children: (to Ann Richards) John Bradford, William Bradford, Thomas Bradford, Alice Bradford, Mercy Bradford, Hannah Bradford, Melatiah Bradford, Lt. Samuel Bradford, Mary Bradford, Sarah Bradford, (to Mary Fitch) Lt. Joseph Bradford, (to Mary Atwood) Israel Bradford, Lt. Ephram Bradford, David Bradford, Hezekiah Bradford

                            |-William Bradford     
     Gov. William Bradford  |
    |                       |                      
    |                       |-Alice Hanson ---- |
    |-->Maj. William Bradford      
    |                       |-Alexander Carpenter
    |                       |                    
    |-Alice Carpenter       |

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